Campus Directory | Staff

Title Email Address Role Office Location Phone Number
Jill Betton [email protected]
Health Services Coordinator/Campus Nurse, Student Programs & Services
PAW Center, Lower Floor (814) 375-4765
John Brennan [email protected]
Director, Continuing and Community Education
DEF Building, Room 206B (814) 375-4836
Anthony William Budris [email protected]
District Commander, Police Services
Hiller Building, Room 109 (724) 773 3840
Adam Bundy [email protected]
Academic Advising Manager, Academic Affairs
Program Coordinator, Division of Undergraduate Studies (DUS)
DEF Building, Room 214 (814) 375-4763
Lisa Buskirk [email protected]
Staff/Faculty Assistant, Academic Affairs
Onboarding Partner, Human Resources
Symmco House (814) 375-4770
Shelly Caine [email protected]
Manager, Lion's Den Snack Bar
Hiller Building, Lion's Den Snack Bar (814) 375-4758
Tom Calliari [email protected]
Head Baseball Coach, Athletics
Brooks Carr [email protected]
Janitorial Worker, Building Operations
Tim Cotter [email protected]
Marketing & Communications Specialist, Strategic Communications
DEF Building, 206F (814) 375-4776
Scott Creighton [email protected]
Men's & Women's Cross Country Head Coach, Athletics
Women's Basketball Assistant Coach
Stephanie Davies [email protected]
Regional Human Resources Strategic Partner, Human Resources
Symmco House (814) 375-4709
Bobbie Decker [email protected]
Janitorial Worker, Building Operations
Maintenance Building (814) 375-4713
Dennis Duttry [email protected]
Maintenance Utility, Building Operations
(814) 375-4713
Melissa Duttry [email protected]
Director, Enrollment Services
DEF Building, Room 214G (814) 375-4721
Justin L Fitzpatrick [email protected]
Information Technology Specialist, Information Technology
Swift Building, Room 250 (814) 375-4782
Julie Frank [email protected]
Development and Alumni Specialist, Development
Development and Alumni Specialist, Alumni
DEF Building, 206H (814) 375-4775
Jeff Gibson [email protected]
Janitorial Worker, Building Operations
+1 814 375 4713
Robin Gill [email protected]
Sr. Instructional Designer, Academic Affairs
Adjunct Faculty, Communications
Swift Building, Room 231 (814) 375-4817
Cody J Haag [email protected]
Police Officer 3, Police Services
Hiller Building, Room 109 (814) 375-4734
Brian Hart [email protected]
Director of Information Technology, Information Technology
Swift Building, Room 251 (814) 375-4825